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Black streaks caused by Roof Algae...
a common sight through-out West Michigan.

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The results can be remarkable!

This is the best video... explaining the "black streak" problem exploding here in Michigan. (click to play)

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What's on my roof?

With its food source being the limestone filler in asphalt singles, Roof Algae (Gloeocapsa Magma) has successfully migrated north and is thriving in the humid climate of Michigan.

The build-up of dead algae creates a hardy protective "shell", fostering its rapid growth. Visible as dark streaks running down the roof.

Our cleaning process safely kills, disinfects and removes algae, moss, mold and mildew. Rinsing away years of discoloration and restoring to a like new appearance.


Neighbors appreciate it too

As with many homes, the roof-line makes up a large percentage of the visible part of a home. (visible from the street.) Many have noticed the problem but didn't know what it was, or where to turn.

  • ROOF algae gives a home or neighborhood that "run down" look. It also fools many into thinking they need to spend thousands for a new roof.
  • ROOF algae can infect a whole neighborhood, subdivision or condo community, detracting from the overall efforts to maintain an attractive and appealing environment.

Beyond Aesthetics

BSROOF algae multiplies at a fast rate; the ROOT build-up retains moisture and works to dislodge the tiny granules that protect the shingles. The result is a shortened shingle life and a costly roof replacement.

The dark stains can also contribute to increased cooling costs by raising interior temperatures. This increased "heat cycle" also works to further deteriorate and reduce the life of the shingle.

Routine Maintenance

We caulk and paint our homes to protect and beautify, we landscape to make things look nice... If you have an outbreak of black streaks, moss, or algae, it detracts from your home.... Consider roof cleaning, Routine Maintenance.

A virtual salad bowl...
Algae, Moss, Lichens and even a sprout!


(these pictures were taken right here in Grand Haven)

Moss and algae

Moss on Cedar

Black streaks and lichens

Below is an example of a moss and algae problem let go too long.
This roof will need complete replacement


The Bil-jax 5533A Towable Boom Lift
(the largest tow-behind made)

Bil Jax Boom Lift

Our lift gets us to the roof area with safety and convenience. It's also the perfect tool for trimming back trees and/or branches from the roof line.

R house small logo R-House Traditional
& Country Gifts

Spring Lake, MI

R-House Gifts

We paused to take a picture half way through the cleaning process.
Those shingles are actually green, not black.


The roof wasn't that old, (7yrs) the owner said,
it just had a bad case of... Roof Algae

R House 03

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S O M E - O F - O U R - O T H E R - W O R K


Refinishing brass letters at Buccaneer Stadium


Algae Removal From Vinyl Siding / Whole House Cleaning


Sculpture Repair on the Grand Haven Waterfront



Tree trimming for a local school

Thinning out dead branches over the playground area

Our lift is highly maneuverable, there's not many places it can't go.
That's Will setting the landing gear (next to the jungle gym).


Mast Rigging


Running a new mainline up a 50' mast, on land!


Flag Pole Repair

Helping Fruitport Village get their flag flying again


TV Antenna, Ham Radio and Tower Work
Install, Repair, Replace, Remove

Tower work

Our Lift Works Year 'Round
Helping the Grand Haven Ski Bowl with their lights.

Ski Bowl Lighting


Liberty Woods Senior Living Center
Eliminating ice dams to prevent water backups

Ice 1

Ice 2

Almost a foot of snow! - Icicles 15 feet long!

Ice 3

Creating "Channels" with ice melt, THREE stories up.

Ice 4

SUCCESS... No water backups this year!

Ice 5

Ice 6

The open channels allowed melting snow and ice access to the
edge of the roof, eliminating Water Back-Ups and Interior Damage.

Ice 7



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Counties we service: Allegan County, MI., Berrian County, MI., Cass County, MI., Iona County, MI., Kalamazoo County, MI, Kent County, MI., Mason County, MI., Montcalm County, MI., Muskegon County, MI., Newaygo County, MI., Oceana County, MI., Ottawa County, MI., and VanBuren County, MI.

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  1. Many roofs are replaced prematurely due to appearance, NOT shingle failure.

  2. Cleaning your roof
    can restore its true
    color and help
    maintain proper
    shingle life.

  3. Sterling Maintenance uses cleaning agents which do not harm the environment.

Considering selling
your home?

  1. Roof cleaning greatly
    improves curb appeal and the overall aesthetics of your property.

  2. A dirty, ugly roof raises "red flags" with potential buyers.

  3. Roof cleaning decreases "resistance to buy."

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Can't seem to find time, ...or the ladder?

We understand.

Gutter Trees





















Serving ALL of West Michigan.






Our cleaning process safely kills and removes moss, mold, algae, bacteria, mildew, and fungus from:

Asphalt Shingles
Cedar Shakes
Vinyl siding

Slate, Driv-it &
Stucco Surfaces,
Block, Brick & Mortar

Cleans, disinfects and restores to a like new appearance...

We Also Clean:

Commercial Signs, Awnings, Store Fronts, and Building Exteriors.

60' Height Capabilities

We use only
Non-Chlorine based, "Eco-Friendly", green cleaners... will not harm plants, animals or the environment.

We employ the
"Soft Wash" rinse method...

High Pressure is NEVER used to clean a roof.

Serving ALL of West Michigan.





ARMA recommends cleaning your roof





































Can't seem to find time, ...or the ladder?

We understand.

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