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Sterling Maintenance, LLC.
Building, Property, & Facilities Maintenance
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Sterling Maintenance, LLC.
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Our Equipment

We use a 60 ft hydraulic boom lift, with a 35 ft horizontal reach to access the roof areas. This insures safety and keeps our hoses and lines away from the building and drip cap.

We are equipped with an on-board 200 gallon mixture tank with dual electric pumps to get our cleaning solution to the roof top.

Safe, Convenient, Efficient

Our formula sprays on as a clear liquid, then foams when reacting with the algae. The foaming action (by design) allows it to "cling", providing a longer dwell time and reducing run-off.

DeWitt School House restoration project - Spring Lake, MI
Cedar Shake cleaning and sealing.


Liberty Woods

Safety and customer satisfaction (in that order) are priority #1


St. Patrick's Catholic Church - Gutter cleaning and roof inspection

St Pats

Cutting back the tree line

Topping out trees for a better view of Lake Michigan


The Bil-Jax Advantage
Safe Tree Trimming and Removal

Get those tree branches away from your house or building! They provide a highway for bugs and rodents. They can prevent your roof from drying properly which creates a breading ground for moss and algae. Branches near a structure can also cause damage in the wind.


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Our cleaning process is also great on: Vinyl siding, Fences, Decks, Cedar Shakes, Brick, Concrete and Limestone.

Cleaning commercial signs, awnings, store fronts, and building exteriors.

We use only "Eco-Safe" environmentally friendly "Green" cleaners... will not harm plants or animals.

We employ the
"Soft Wash" method.... Safe for asphalt shingles.

High Pressure is NEVER used to clean a roof.

Serving ALL of West Michigan.





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